Travelling Exhibition Sicily 2012 Onwards

"Sicilian Dreaming", by the artist Billy Doolan, opens in Enna to great acclaim

Yesterday the exhibition "Sicilian Dreaming" by the indigenous artist Billy Doolan was officially inaugurated by the President of the Province of Enna, Dott. Giuseppe Monaco, at a ceremony held at the Centro di Arte Contemporanea Bannata - Enna.

The opening ceremony was preceeded by a presentation on indigenous culture delivered by Maria Sanciolo-Bell, President of I.C.S.A. .

The exhibition went from Zafferena to Palermo and was shown at the Villa Whitaker under the auspices of the Whitaker Foundation. The final showing for the year was at the Monastero del Ritiro in Syracuse and was opened by the Australian Vice Embassedor to Rome.

Three further exhibitions are planned this year for Between Sea and Sky making it the most successful tour for an Aboriginal artist to be staged overseas. Dates and venues are yet to be confirmed.

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